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SierraSil Donates to the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund

When SierraSil Health Inc was founded in 2003, it was with the mission of helping 1 Million or more people be healthier and more active. We know that this mission would not be accomplished simply by selling product to consumers, so we have developed educational material, wellness programs and offer charitable donations that are consistent with our mission whenever possible.

While nearly all our sales are in Canada, our mineral deposit is located in the US and we believe in supporting American organizations as well and want to offer support where appropriate. The news of the Oklahoma Tornado that ravaged 16 counties in Oklahoma last Monday was a call that we could not ignore. Nourish America put out a notice requesting donations in the form of non perishable food items including health supplements for those in need. The donations also get distributed among the first responders and the emergency workers who could certainly be helped by SierraSil following long days of physically intensive relief work.

We would like to thank our contact Mary Morton from the Nation Foundation of Women Legislatures for thinking of SierraSil and giving us the opportunity to give back. It is with great pride that we have sent a product donation in excess of $3,500 to support the relief work of Nourish America. We wish all those who suffered through the devastation and trauma a speedy recovery and offer our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Our efforts will not change what happened but hopefully provide some ease and strength to move forward.

In Memory of Ken Venturi

We just heard of the passing of Ken Venturi this morning. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Kathleen and his sons Tim and Matthew. Ken was a big supporter of SierraSil including doing a video for us several years ago. You will be missed not only by us but by the entire sports community.

Fat-blocking Pepsi Launched in Japan

Japan has launched Pepsi Special in order to target the health conscious population. This new formula contains dextrin, a water-soluble fiber that research shows is able to block fat absorption. Although the target of the new drink is fat-loss, Pepsi is focusing on marketing the drink’s taste. Read the full article here: