Leaps and Bounds™ Dog Treats

  • All-Natural

    Great-tasting dog chews that contain all-natural ingredients and no fillers.

  • Unlocks Stiff Joints

    Ethically-sourced soft chews help support and maintain healthy joints and flexibility.

  • Clinically-Proven

    Committed to clinical research that has the continued confidence of physicians.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Money-back guarantee ensures your dog has nothing to lose by trying Leaps & Bounds!

Great taste is just a bonus!

Our premium all-natural, soy- and gluten-free treats help maintain your four-legged friend's joints and flexibility. The fact that your dog will spend all day looking forward to when they get to eat one? That's just an added perk.

Our Testimonials

We've been giving my senior Maltese SierraSil for two years now and it definitely helps with his arthritis. If your dog is struggling with arthritis, I would definitely recommend.

This is my third time ordering these. I have an older dog with back and spine issues and have been giving her these now for awhile now. I would say by way of observing that they have indeed helped her. I absolutely recommend these.

I have seen great results in my dogs ability to climb stairs, get in and out of my truck, hop up on the couch or bed. I am very happy with this product!

Awesome product, my little fur baby even loves the taste. Getting around a lot better. Thanks!

My dog loves these.