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Five Major Causes of Joint Pain

Usually, every human body possesses 270 bones and 360 joints, making everyone prone to joint pain. Unfortunately, some people suffer a lot from joint pain because they need to discover and treat it early enough, supply their bodies with necessary supplements, or know how to manage the situation. 

Arthritis, known as inflammation, stiffness, and tenderness of joint(s) is a major cause of joint pain. Interestingly, this condition is rampant among people in their 40s. However, there have been some cases of joint pain in young adults (people in their 20s). Just like the parts of a vehicle wears out when it is not properly managed, the same happens to the joint. This is because joint pain occurs when the cartilage in between the bones wears out. At this stage, the cushion of the joints (cartilage) grows lean and is unable to provide the support needed. As with a car, proper servicing will save the cartilage from wearing out or repair it (as the case may be). 

Causes of Joint Pain

Apart from arthritis found in knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles, other factors can contribute to or lead to joint pain. Some of these are:

  • Tendon wounds

  • Tendons, which are muscles that extend onto a bone and attach there, frequently attach near joints. This implies that although you may think your joint is hurting, it's a muscle.

    Surgery may be used to address a damaged tendon in sportsmen. The majority of patients may receive treatment with a mix of over-the-counter painkillers, rest, or physiotherapy.

    To reduce the strain on the injured muscle, physiotherapy can assist strengthen the surrounding muscles.

  • Rheumatic Fever

  • The heart, joints, brain, and skin may become inflamed or swollen as a result of rheumatic fever. It is believed that rheumatic fever is an immunological reaction to an earlier illness. It can occasionally be complemented by painless nodules that appear close to joints.

    The immune system, which serves as the body's defense mechanism, is crucial in preventing infections. However, inflammation results when the immune system wrongly targets healthy bodily parts.

    • Sprains 

    Sprains sometimes called joint sprains are damage to the ligaments surrounding a joint. Ligaments, which keep bones together, are strong, flexible fibers. Unfortunately, the joint will hurt and swell when a ligament is overstretched or torn. Then it will lead to joint paint. 

    Apart from first aid and relaxation of the muscles, taking joint formula will aid the healing process of a joint pain

    However, bursitis and tendonitis can also cause joint pain


    As seen above, joint pain can be influenced by several factors and treated differently. Physiotherapy, muscle relaxation, pain relief, ice rapping for swollen areas, surgery, and joint supplements are different solutions and remedies to joint pain. 

    However, joint supplements are not meant to be taken when you have joint pains alone. Also, you can incorporate the Serrasil joint formula into your lifestyle. Not only do they help duce joint pain, but they also calm inflammation and provide total support to your joint health.

    Why You Need A Joint Formula 

    Without healthy joints, it is almost impossible for the body to function appropriately. This is because the joints are the sockets and holding points of the body. Imagine yourself with weak ankles, unable to bear you up. That means it will be difficult to stand on your feet. This is where the joint formula comes to play. 

    The joint formula provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Fundamentally, joint formula caters to the needs of the joints in the body and supplies nutrients to other parts. 

    There is a misconception that joint formula should be used only when you notice a deficiency in your joints or have joint pain. However, this is not true. For people above the age of 40, including joint formula in your daily supplements could be great(still subject to your physician). For young adults, there could be an action plan around taking joint supplements. 

    However, joint formula slows down cartilage deterioration. This is because they contain glucosamine. Glucosamine aids in maintaining the condition of your cartilage, the rubbery substance that cushions your bones at joints. However, as you age, your levels of this chemical start to decline, which causes the joint to gradually degenerate.

    In this blog, we will be exploring some of the benefits of taking joint formula, some of which are:

  • Pain Reduction 
  • Because the joint formula contains components like pain relief when taken they reduce pain in specific joints and parts of the body. However, they do not just relieve the joints of pain. The joint formula repairs the joints and tissues and also supplies strength and nutrients to the body. So joint formula build and repair the joints. 

  • Less inflammation
  • If you are experiencing redness, tenderness, and pain in a swollen joint area, then you should consider using joint formula. Among the numerous advantages of taking joint formula is its ability to reduce and eliminate inflammation. 

  • Longevity /better life quality
  • Just because the major movements of the body are dependent on the joints, it is safe to say that joint formula grants better life quality. 

    Healthier bones and joints mean a better life. Imagine becoming immobile at a young age, it could put a limit on certain activities and achievements. But joint formula alongside a healthy diet supplies the joints with all the nutrients needed. 

    In addition, exercising and having a workout routine will also be of help. 

  • Aiding water supply and circulation in the body
  • When you have a consistent joint formula routine, the joints receive a constant supply of the necessary nutrients. By implication, the body isn’t malnourished or starved and this will lead to the proper circulation of water around the body. The joint formula supplies the entire body with a feeling of wholeness

  • Strengthening the knees and hips
  • the knee and the hip hold the weight of the body largely, hence, the need for them to be strong. The joint formula combines components that aid the growth of cartilage tissues, vitamin C, and other calcium concentrations. 


    The joint formula isn’t for old adults only, any young adult can use them also (with a doctor’s prescription). Don’t wait until you grow feeble knees or weak ankles before opting for joint support formula. 

    Remembrance Day 2022

    Remembrance Day 2022

    Where does peace come from? A word that comes to my mind is sacrifice. Today marks the day we especially remember those who have served to bring peace and freedom. Over 2.3 million Canadians have served in our military. About 120,000 bright and capable Canadians, usually young, have departed earthly life too early in defense of freedom and peace. But not all were the young recruits. One was my wife’s maternal grand-father, Captain Kenneth Bearman West of the Governor General's Foot Guards, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps.  Ken West died at age 37, a husband and dad, in Normandy August 11, 1944, only weeks after the June 6th D-Day invasion to liberate Europe.   

    Twelve years ago my wife and three of our sons travelled to Normandy and visited the Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery where Ken is buried (that's me pictured above with my youngest son). It was truly sobering to be there, in the midst of row upon row of crosses and other grave markers of Canadians who paid the ultimate price.  I was happy to see how well maintained the cemetery was, and the regard to which the citizens of Normandy still held for their liberators.  Yet I was also reminded of the poem In Flanders Field. Written in 1915 in a WW1 bunker in the Ypres Salient region of Belgium, John McCrae, a Canadian physician, surgeon and soldier wrote these familiar words:

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow

    Between the crosses, row on row

    That mark our place; and in the sky

    The larks, still bravely singing fly,

    Scarce heard among the guns below.


    We are the Dead. Short days ago

    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

    Loved and were loved, and now we lie

    In Flanders fields.


    Take up our quarrel with the foe:

    To you and from failing hands we throw

    The torch; be yours to hold it high.

    If ye break faith with us who die

    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

    In Flanders fields. 


    This Remembrance Day, as all Remembrance Days, please consider attending a Remembrance Day service at a Cenotaph or elsewhere or take a moment to quietly honour all those who have sacrificed for our peace and freedom.  Thank you Capt. Ken West and thousands of others. Lest we never forget.


    Michael Bentley, SierraSil® Health Inc

    Toronto Star

    Toronto Star

    New treatments for arthritis may unlock pain-free living

    When lifestyle measures are not enough, this natural health product may provide help for Canadians living with arthritis.

    As the famous phrase notes, “...nothing is certain except death and taxes” …and joint pain. Soreness is a part of everyday life, a near guarantee for many Canadians. It’s become one of life’s rare daily realities. What we may find began as muscle tenderness from overuse soon lingered. 

    One in every five Canadians experiences a form of arthritis, the most common being osteoarthritis. Joint complaints are the most cited reason for visiting the doctor. For hospitals, people experiencing inflammatory arthritis, like gout, represent most outpatients. Pain is now an epidemic of sorts, but new treatments are offering Canadians a glimmer of hope when it comes to long-lasting relief.

    “Arthritis poses a huge cost to us as individuals and families, but it also affects us as a society,” says Dr. Kamran Shojania, Chief of Rheumatology at Vancouver General Hospital. “Systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases — like rheumatoid arthritis — often start with milder, non-specific symptoms. There are excellent new treatments for these conditions, but early detection is key. If caught early, we can often put them into remission.” 

    The key to maintaining joint health is making healthy lifestyle choices. Staying active each day, integrating exercises that include cardio and muscle strengthening, and maintaining a healthy weight all play an important role in preventing pain. However, once aches have begun, many of us turn to over-the-counter assistance, including anti-inflammatory medications or even prescription-based treatment. 

    However, “there are no medications or supplements that have been shown to slow down the progression of osteoarthritis,” says Dr. Shojania. “When pain is an issue, exercise and weight management continue to be the most important ways to reduce pain and improve function.”  

    New discoveries provide a dose of optimism, and one such discovery has life-changing results for those suffering from chronic pain. Found on the slopes of the Sierra Mountains in the United States, a unique mineral deposit has been shown to provide incredible benefits for those suffering joint discomfort. The mineral deposit — known by the trade name SierraSil — has unique healing properties that effectively support joint health and calm inflammation, earning it two U.S. patents. 

    Most natural health products, like glucosamine and collagen, include ingredients that build human cartilage and joint structure, supplementing the body’s natural regenerative process. SierraSil works by calming the underlying inflammation, reducing cartilage breakdown, and down-regulating enzymes that lead to inflammation, both of which are factors causing arthritis symptoms.  

    As an all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, SierraSil is backed by clinical trials and is reliably effective in treating sore, stiff joints. Recommended for adults — from athletes seeking reduced delayed-onset soreness to those looking to reduce overall discomfort — SierraSil users report noticeable improvements in joint pain and flexibility within two weeks. 

    Diagnosed with Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA) at age six, professional golfer Sadiq Jiwa’s childhood involved regular visits to the hospital, testing various treatments to help manage his arthritis. “It wasn’t until I was older that I decided to take a more proactive approach to my arthritis - looking into lifestyle changes: diet, nutrition, and natural supplements.” One such natural supplement was SierraSil. “I saw quantitative and qualitative benefits to my day-to-day health. It [SierraSil] noticeably helped improve the overall way I was feeling.”

    Ongoing research and exciting discoveries are providing Canadians with hope, realizing the chance to live each day pain-free isn’t just within reach but a reality. “No one solution is best for everyone. Consider with your physician what works best for you,” says Dr. Shojania. “And keep active!”

    Speak to your doctor about whether SierraSil is right for you. Visit to learn more and join the thousands of Canadians who have experienced the guaranteed results firsthand.