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BASE Wellness Coming Soon

The headline read "Big Apple crime rise blamed on iPhones". That caught my attention. In 2011 the number of Apple products stolen in New York was 13,233 and is trending 40% higher in 2012. Back in 2001, the year of the tragic and deplorable Al Qaida attacks, just 86 Apples were stolen. So the NYPD attributes this year’s 4% rise in crime entirely on Apple product thefts.

Now, before anyone gets any ideas about stealing my iPad, beware of the 'Find my Mac' app. On October 1, a Sarnia, Ontario couple used this app to discover that their stolen Apple products were... right next door!

So how does this Apple news have relevance to a health company blog? Well technology can be indeed seductive and we are hoping we can leverage that to help our customers (and even those who aren't) be healthier and more active.

The BASE Wellness application that we officially launch next month will be a great tool initially only available on Apple products. So Blackberry phone hold outs like me will have to exercise their iPad like I'm doing right now, writing on a flight somewhere over Oregon.

What will make BASE different than other apps and programs that we have reviewed? There are a few features. It's designed to be easy and fun as you earn reward opportunities regardless of how your performance rates. No heroes required! It's also designed to address a broad scope of your health leading indicators, covering all the basics except genetics, which we leave entirely up to your parents.

Those indicators are Balanced living, Activity, Supplementation, and Energy the food you eat. In just a few moments a day, you can assess who you are doing in these important areas of health and whenever you want, share your results with your health advisor. You can also invite a friend to be your BASE buddy and challenge each other while having Avatars that reflect how you are doing.

And yes, after we make the Apple version available, and get your feedback, we'll update the application and have versions for other platforms like Android and maybe Blackberry! We will also invite other sponsors to come on board to expand the reward opportunities for you. It’s all part of our mission to help you and a lot of other people, be healthier and more active!