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The Real-Life Impact of SierraSil

The Real-Life Impact of SierraSil

I get asked often if SierraSil really works. To answer this, I talk about our clinical trials and research into SierraSil. This often results in glazed eyeballs and a quick nod of the head.

I understand this, not everyone gets as excited talking about placebos, double-blind studies, even triple blind and cross-over studies, yet alone bio-accessibility. So, I’ve decided to get personal with you and tell you about my experiences with SierraSil.

I, just like you might be doing right now, lived knees that limited me from running, and generally working out with an intensity that could keep me in shape (or get into better shape!) to be my best and enjoy my favourite activities, including running with my wife or friends.

Michael’s SierraSil Experience

Michael Bentley
Michael Bentley

I was introduced to SierraSil before it was even named SierraSil, by my dad, Dr. Peter Bentley (LLD), who found that the minerals alleviated his arthritic symptoms. He had been introduced to the the healing quality of the minerals by an associate of the gold prospector who discovered the deposit in the Sierra mountains.

However, I was deeply skeptical of the ability of SierraSil to make a difference. In 2003, I was 40 years old and my wonderful wife kindly reminded me that she signed us up for a 10-kilometer (6 mile) community run – a not to subtle suggestion that I needed to get into shape!

So I hoped time had healed my knees, and that evening went for a run. Or at least I started, but my knees weren’t happy and I had to stop. As I had nothing to lose, I what would become to known as SierraSil. Two later, runners on – and no pain! It worked – and still does. I did that 10-kilometer run 8 days later back in 2003 and I haven’t stopped moving since. I was able to get back to the sports and activities, to get into the best shape of my life (relative to my age) and enjoy running and other sports without the delayed onset muscle soreness.

To say that SierraSil has changed my life would be an understatement. Thanks to SierraSil, I’m able to live a fuller life and more importantly, the company is able to help people like you and me get back to living healthier and more active lives.

I’m super proud of the team at SierraSil and what we’re doing. It’s a great privilege to hear from people who are getting a second chance at living a healthy and active life, to regaining purpose and doing so without the side effect risks presented by some non-natural products.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs – Brighten Your Day with These Feel-Good Dog Stories

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs – Brighten Your Day with These Feel-Good Dog Stories

We are deep dog lovers here at SierraSil. Our dogs are more than pets – they are a part of our families. Yes, we talk about our dogs as much as we do our children.


Some days the news headlines can be a bit hard to listen to – but as you and I know – a cuddle from your dog or an after-work dog walk can do wonders for your spirit and outlook.

This is why we thought for July, we’d take a different approach with our blog and share some of our favourite feel-good dog news stories with you. We’d love to hear from you – share your favourite feel-good dog stories (and photos of your dog) on the Leaps & Bounds Facebook community page and tag us on Instagram with your photos of your dog.

Dogs Helping People

Dogs are doing good all-over the world to help people live happier, healthier, and safer lives.

Of course, there is no denying the overall benefits from having a dog. Number one is how your dog helps improve your health – every walk you take your dog on, supports your dog’s joint health and your own joint health. Beyond this key health benefit, it is widely recognized that dogs help lower your stress levels, connect you with other people, and help prevent depression.

So, give your dog an extra hug tonight and some all-natural dog chews as a thank you for all that she does for you. Your dog really is your best friend.

People Helping Dogs

Some days the news headlines can be very overwhelming. These stories of people putting dogs first are just what each of us needs to brighten the day and remind us of all the good there is in others.

Share your favourite story about people helping dogs on our Leaps & Bounds Facebook community page. Let’s keep these good news stories about people and dogs going.

Enjoying Life with Dogs


The SierraSil vision is to see one million or more people live healthier and more active lives – and this includes you and your dog. There is nothing better than getting out with your dog to camp, hike, walk, and adventure.

Here are some of our favourite articles on how to enjoy an active life with your dog:

Remember that your dog’s joint health depends on getting regular walks and playtime. Adjust your dog’s walking and activities based on his dog joint health – pay attention to any signs of limping or a reluctance to go outside for fresh air. Contact your veterinarian if your dog is not interested in walking, playing, or her normal active routine.

Summer Dog Movies and Books

In between all this dog-related activity, you and your favourite dog need some downtime and relaxation. Add these dog-themed books and movies to your entertainment list this summer.

We want to hear from you – tell us about your favourite dog movies and books and tag us in your photos of you and your dog relaxing this summer.

Your Dog is Your Best Friend


We’re not exaggerating – your dog truly is your best friend. Your dog gives you unconditional love, friendship, and companionship. We thank you for taking such great care of your dog and doing all you can to help your dog live a long and healthy life.

Here’s to a summer packed with dog kisses, romps at the dog park, camping out under the stars with your top dog, and chilling out with a good dog movie or two. It’s a fact – dogs are good for people and people are good for dogs.

About the Author
Michael Bentley, President of SierraSil Health, has twice been recognized by Optimyz magazine as one of Canada’s top 100 health and wellness influencers and in 2019 was honored by the Canadian Health Food Association with the John Holtmann Industry Leadership Award. He is also a Trustee of the BC Sports Hall of Fame and past Board member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, Family Services of BC and other non-profit organizations.

*Thanks to the SierraSil team and our extended team for sharing their best friends.

Manufactures Night at UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Manufactures Night at UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hosted by the Lamda Kappa Sigma Fraternity – Wednesday March 13th 2019

There’s always more to education than in the classroom; hence, why we were delighted to be invited to the 2019 Manufactures Night at UBC. After last year’s enthusiasm from the students to learn, educate and keep up with modern advancements in the pharmaceutical sciences world, we were excited about returning to UBC. Meeting the 200+ future pharmacists of our community, engaging and enlightening them on our story, products and research.

The evening allowed pharmacy students to engage with over 20 manufactures in the industry. Promoting education and professional development, getting to expand their knowledge on various companies, products, research and meeting with people in the industry.

The evening began with a welcome speech from the Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty; Dr. Kerry Wilbur followed by the LKS Co-Presidents, and Manufactures Night Coordinators. Students were broken into groups for a manufacture rotation period, allowing us to present to a group of students for 7 minutes at a time. Each group session was wrapped up with a question, upon which the person with the correct answer would receive a raffle ticket and enter into a draw for the winning of the manufactures hampers. We targeted our questions as if we were a customer like you, coming into the Pharmacy or Natural Health Food Store and having a question on SierraSil! This helped keep the students engaged, because who doesn’t want to win a hamper full of goodies!

Students were given free time to go back to the manufactures they were particularly interested in and ask questions, allowing them to obtain a deeper understanding. Many of the students came back to SierraSil to learn more about our Human Clinical Research Studies. We thrive on being an ethical company and having data to back up what we say. The students got to learn a lot about our products. They were particularly interested in our Joint Formula Curcumin product and Pain Relief Topical Spray, both acting as a hot topic of the evening. Some of the students had informed us they had just studied Curcumin this week in lectures. We also found out, not only had the students attended Manufactures night that evening, but some also sat an exam that very same day! Telling us how their wrists were sore from writing as fast as they could to complete the exam, others saying their backs were sore from sitting hunched over their books in preparation for the exam. This is where our demo Pain Relief Topical Spray came in really handy for them! Having students coming running up to us, looking for a sample to try out there and then. We received a lot of “this is a magical spray!”, “my pain is gone”, “this really works!” and “where can I buy this?”. Putting smiles on all our faces.

The evening finished up with the raffle and closing remarks from the organizers, ending the manufactures 2019 evening.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, engaging with our future pharmacists. Sharing our joy of healthy active living. We at SierraSil want to make a difference in people’s lives, allowing everyone to enjoy life to the fullest, helping individuals to become more active and healthy again.