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Healthy iPhone Application Coming

Do you remember Coke’s adaption of “I’d like to teach the world to sing”? Way back in 1971, the “Hilltop” advertisement first aired and what a catchy success it was. I enjoyed the ad then, and I’m sure I’d still enjoy it today!

Some 40 years latter Coca-Cola is launching a new theme. After 15 years where all their growth has been in diet or no-calorie drinks, the Company began airing obesity awareness ads to address “the issue of the times” according to spokesperson Diana Garza Ciarlante.

It would be easy to snicker. Coca-Cola markets Vitamin Water, a drink with as much sugar as their refreshing non-diet soft drinks. But I think it’s a good thing. Obesity is unfortunately a growing issue in North America and around the world. Check the data for places as far flung as Scotland and China. The problem is getting bigger!

So what is SierraSil doing about it? Our goal is to help people be healthier and more active. That’s the key motivation behind our BASE Wellness program. To give you a tool that supports and encourages your focus on four pillars of healthy living – Balance, Activity, Supplementation, Energy (the food we eat). If you would like a print copy of the journal, give us a call. It’s free for our customers. We are also in the process of making the BASE Wellness app available on the iTunes store. Tanya Landry, our BASE Wellness Director is making the application now, and we look forward to feedback for refinement and improvement.

We want the BASE Wellness app to be easy to use, fun, rewarding, sharable (if you want), and relatively non-commercial. So if you sign up, we promise – no bombardments of emails – we hate that and trust you do too! So please check back to see when the app is available. All the best for a healthy and active day, Michael Bentley

Interview with Michael Bentley at CHFA

Hear from our very own Michael Bentley on how passionate he is about our SierraSil product and some of the great testimonials we get from our customers.


Is diversity an important criteria for the work place? How is it or should it be defined and how does SierraSil as a business stack up?

As I reflect on this, I’ll note that as a Vancouver based company, population diversity is par for the course. On a recent hire opportunity, our five person applicant pool had personal connections to Colombia, India, Iran, Japan and Russia. Not one was born and raised locally!

SierraSil has seven full time employees and a number of part time employees or contractors with particular experience such as regulatory expertise or internet marketing. Our full time staff includes 4 males, 3 females. Currently our part time team includes 5 females and 3 males. In terms of ‘senior positions’, we are evenly divided among gender lines, although we have male President.

Ethnically, our staff has personal links (birth or raised) in a number of countries including Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, and the USA. Not quite a UN, but still a pretty good mix for a small team.

Age wise, we range from 20 something to 50 something, but if you include our board, that stretches to 80 something (still young at heart and active, thanks to SierraSil).

As a small business, our informal hiring policy is to hire the candidate who is the best fit (for them and for our business), and to do so without racial, gender, sexual, religious or other restrictions or biases. While we have no physical ability limited employees at present, our work place is wheel chair friendly and we desire to provide a respectful environment for staff, guests and callers.

Michael Bentley