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US Patent granted to SierraSil

US Patent granted to Vancouver based natural supplement company

November 17, 2009 November 12, 2009 (Vancouver, BC) – SierraSil Health Inc. announces that the company has been granted a rare US Patent for SierraSil® as a nutritional supplement fora specific benefit. SierraSil Health Inc. is one of few Canadian companies to be granted a patent for a natural health supplement. This achievement follows closely on the heels of being recognized as one of 2008’s fastest growing natural products companies in North America by the leading industry authority, the Nutrition Business Journal. SierraSil’s Joint Formula14™ is a proprietary 100% all natural mineral containing a wide array of macro and trace minerals in a rich clay structure, with natural properties. It is used by numerous professional sports organizations and athletes. Dr. Alan Brookstone, MD, President and CEO of Cientis Technologies, commented that, "I've known about thehealth properties of SierraSil® for some time, from my own experience and having had patients who use it. So SierraSil's effectiveness is no surprise to me and I congratulate the company for the patent and the recognition that it brings to the research to date on this unique mineral supplement."Since its inception, SierraSil® has undergone exponential growth in the Canadian marketplace achieving year over year sales growth in excess of 300% last year alone. SierraSil® is sold through natural product retailers in Canada as well as online. Many natural product retailers count SierraSil® amongst their best selling products. The company is currently embarking on an aggressive expansion into the US market. “We have worked very hard to ensure that our product truly makes a difference in peoples’ lives - and that seems to be happening. Every day we hear from people who have had a profound quality-of-life improvement related directly to their use of SierraSil,” said Michael Bentley, President of SierraSil Health Inc. “The US patent and our rapid growth is directly related to the product’s efficacy.”

About SierraSil Health Inc. SierraSil Health Inc. is a Canadian company that manufactures and markets a proprietary hydrothermal mineral compound from the Sierra Mountains, with the trade name SierraSil Joint Formula 14. The compound is a unique and naturally occurring mineral supplement clinically shown to rsupport joint health. Its safety and efficacy profile is unmatched in the Joint Health category and has earned 2 US patents as a nutritional supplement based on the research. SierraSil is continuously expanding on its intellectual property portfolio as well as clinical studies and regulatory approvals. SierraSil is focused on improving the lives of people, but also enjoys the feedback from elite athletes who attest to its benefits. SierraSil Joint Formula 14 and topical spray can be found at many health food stores and pharmacies across Canada and at

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Michael Bentley President, SierraSil Health Inc. 604.676.4450 (ext. 225) Download this press release as PDF