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How is SierraSil like a Strand of Christmas Lights?

Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Did you notice that holiday and Christmas decorations came early this year? It's not all that surprising, given that opportunities for joy have become even more important throughout this pandemic. My wife and I usually have enough restraint not to untangle the outdoor lights until after US Thanksgiving. Yet there we were, on the afternoon of Remembrance Day (US Veterans Day), joining a trend that hit the news before November was done - people getting their Christmas lights up early. So in the spirit of stringing things together, I hope you'll be encouraged and brightened by the following connections as I string some thoughts together!

June is Men’s Health Month – So What?

June is Men’s Health Month – So What?
For over 25 years, organizations in North America and around the world have celebrated men’s health in June to heighten the awareness of preventable health issues. Originally linked to Father’s Day in the United States, this month-long designation encourages men to prioritize their health not only for themselves but for their loved ones. But why focus on our health?