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June is Men’s Health Month – So What?

June is Men’s Health Month – So What?

For over 25 years, organizations in North America and around the world have celebrated men’s health in June to heighten the awareness of preventable health issues. Originally linked to Father’s Day in the United States, this month-long designation encourages men to prioritize their health not only for themselves but for their loved ones. But why focus on our health? Simply put, because it is important. Are you or the man in your life taking the time to exercise and using discipline to employ healthy lifestyle and dietary choices? As Dr. Mark Tremblay of the University of Ottawa said, “What we need to be focusing on is healthy active living, which is fundamentally deteriorating all over the world.”

My own journey refocused when I saw a family picture a few years ago. I didn’t look like I wanted to! Sure, I could live with the greying hair, but my dad-bod physique was another matter. About that time Jennifer Sygo, Director of Nutrition of Cleveland Clinic Canada and for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors wrote in her Toronto newspaper column that shedding five pounds shrinks your waist by about an inch. Well, a few years and ups and downs later, I’ve trimmed about 5 inches from my waist!

Okay, so I’m still not going to turn heads, but shedding those pounds makes exercise easier and shows some appreciation for my wife, who has worked hard on staying in shape even after a few pregnancies.

So what about you? Consider the research of Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University who was featured on a Time magazine cover story “On the Exercise Cure, the surprising science of a life-changing workout”. In the article, Dr. Tarnopolsky said “the most effective therapy available to my patients is exercise.” Perhaps he wasn’t aware of SierraSil Joint Formula14, but in all seriousness, I agree! It's why at SierraSil, our goal is to help you be healthier and more active naturally.

So given that age is an unavoidable condition, over time it may be important to make some necessary adjustments to routines to ensure our bodies meet their minimum daily exercise requirements and accommodate different levels of fitness and agility. Exercise of varying intensities (as we are able to) at least a few days a week, plus hydration and stretching are three of the major components to consider. There are lots of resources you can seek out to help with these. Some resources that are readily available at a few touches of your fingertips include fitness experts like Tommy Europe and nutrition coaches such as Jennifer Sygo. You can also take an online yoga, pilates or spin class.

Keep in mind that past injuries can come back and cause recurring issues over time. As your body ages, it will lose its ability to do some of the activities that you could previously perform with relative ease. While that can be a tough pill to swallow, adjusting expectations and adapting to current levels of ability is paramount for not trying to do too much, which can lead to injuries and other breakdowns.

While using SierraSil’s® products can’t necessarily prevent the initial occurrence of an injury, a recently conducted survey found that when it comes to treating pain and injuries, only 34% of men use one of acetaminophen or ibuprofen in conjunction with SierraSil products, while 41% are able to forego the use of pain management medications altogether. The goal should be to find a happy medium - a way to continue doing what is most important to you while listening to the needs and restrictions of what your body can handle.

So if getting physically in shape or at least trending there is not enough of an incentive for exercise, consider its benefits for mental health and reduced cognitive decline.

Staying active helps improve mental health and brain function by reducing anxiety and negative moods. Studies have shown that exercise reduces symptoms of low self-esteem and social withdrawal by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar passions, even if there is minimal social interaction. A cover story of Scientific American Mind highlighted “The Exercise Cure” as possibly being the best fix for depression.

As for cognitive decline, a peer-reviewed study at UBC published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed walking just a few times a week might alter the trajectory of dementia. What’s more, the participants enjoyed the exercise by the end of the six-month study! Another review concluded that “The evidence is clear. Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.”

So exercise can not only help you look better, it can help you feel and think better while reducing cognitive decline. Regular exercise has also been shown to support your immune system! Yes, there is just so much research to support the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said in about 400 BC, “eating alone will not keep a man well. He must also take exercise.”

If you have been lagging in your commitment to be healthy, or to get fitter, consider taking your own oath this month, to give your health the attention it deserves. Do whatever it takes, including scheduling and tracking it (for example, recording how many times you went for runs or 30 plus minute walks every month). Follow people like Tommy Europe online to get inspired. Be patient with yourself. If you feel like you’re not in the best shape right now, remember that you didn’t get this way overnight. It takes time to get healthier, but it’s worth the journey and celebrate (without over-indulging, of course) reaching even modest milestones along the way.

Retired 18-year NHL veteran Ray Ferraro says, “As we age, we start to accept what we can’t do (any longer), but SierraSil changes all that!” Well, maybe not completely, but along with other good choices it can make a difference and we have double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research that shows Sierrasil can help with exercise.

What good health choices are you going to make this month? Which ones will you do your best to keep up? Feel free to share on your social media (or ours), as going public can help you remain accountable.

Happy Men’s Health Month.

-Michael Bentley, SierraSil Co-Founder

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