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Tommy Europe

Tommy Europe SierraSil

Tommy Europe was a professional Canadian Football player defensive back who played eleven seasons in the Canadian Football league.

A graduate of Bishope’s University, he is the owner of TOMMYEUROPE.TV, an online fitness community that has videos, social networking, E-Books, meal plans and fitness programs and bootcamps. In 2009 he released his Target Training Series of E-Books including SHRED Core & Abs, SHRED Bootcamp, SHRED UpperZone & LowerZone and Booty Shaper! He was voted BEST personal trainer in “The Georgia Straight" Best of Vancouver readers poll for 2006, 2007, and 2009. He hosted the Slice reality shows The Last 10 pounds and Bulging Brides, working as a personal trainer and fitness coach who helps participants lose weight for an upcoming special event.

Currently, Tommy spends most of his time touring as a motivational speaker and hosting bootcamps in cities across the country and continuing to promote his fitness regime SHRED.

Anthony Toth

Anthony Toth
Vancouver based Iron Man and professional athlete Anthony Toth has increased his performace time after taking SierraSil. "5 seconds can make a world of difference in a race, yet alone 5 seconds every 100 meters. Since trying SierraSil Joint Formula14, I have been able to train harder and get quicker. It's the reduced recovery time that I feel most. Now if SierraSil JF14 can help me, already in exceptional physical condition, imagine what this natural mineral complex can do for you."

Jeff Handler

Jeff Handler

Jeff Handler is the performance specialist to some of the biggest names in pro sports and other high-profile professions, including Mike Weir, Adam Oates and Tom Poti. Jeff uses SierraSil with many of his clients saying"it is the best product we have used".