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Stay Strong, Naturally

Stay Strong, Naturally

Something I’m excited about is being well naturally. And since I like to really live life to the fullest; travel workout, canoe, swim in the ocean, lift heavy weights and hike for days if possible…I need to make sure my body is strong. That way I get the most out of a life I feel is fleeting and a huge blessing. Bandaid solutions have never resonated with me, I like to really get in there and heal the condition from the root.

We are human, we are naturally going to encounter some injuries, some wear and tear with age and some viruses and pathogens. So I do my best to keep my body strong, supple and at a healing advantage. That way, when I encounter these stressors my body is resilient enough to fight them off or heal quickly.

Diet wise I eat whatever keeps me in the most ‘alkaline’ and ‘anti-inflammatory’ state. Meaning I stay away from processed foods, chemicals and junk that will burden my body and cause inflammation. I lean towards lots of veggies; my first priority is always a cooked veggie, salad or smoothie with spinach or kale added. Then I reach for fruits like apples, bananas and berries daily. I also eat a ton of good fats like nuts, nut butter, avocados, olive oil. I eat gluten free - gluten causes a lot of bloating and inflammation in my tummy and I’ve found I have a way flatter stomach if I eliminate gluten. So I choose things like potatoes and rice instead of bread. And then I drink lots of pure water and green tea. And dark chocolate as my treat!

I also choose an ‘anti-inflammatory’ mindset. Meaning I step away from drama, gossip and conversations that leave me feeling drained, attacked or uncomfortable. I also discipline myself to release stressful thought patterns and worry, via meditation, giving worries up to a higher power and exercising to release stress held in the body.

When it comes to being active I mix it up. I love to lift heavy weights, but after a while I get a bit stiff so I mix in stretching and dancing in my living room! I also jump rope and do some pilates style core strengthening. And then I walk my dog several times a day in the most nature-y places we can discover. I generally make sure I move my body 6-7 days a week.

Finally I support my anti-inflammatory and strong body and mind lifestyle with a few supplements. My favorite right now comes from a company called SierraSil, authentically Canadian just like me. (Yay for small business right now and forever guys!). SierraSil is unique because they don’t create a bandaid ‘pain killing’ solution for aches and pains and swelling, but they treat you from the inside out. We humans have become greatly mineral deficient through over farming of our soils, chemical residues in our foods and processed, nutrient poor foods dominating our diets. SierraSil contains an epic profile of minerals mined naturally from the Sierra Mountains that deliver micro mineral nutrition to our bodies. These minerals not only calm inflammation at a gene expression level (from the inside out), but they chelate (detox) heavy metals like lead, which I love because it means I’m getting healthier and more immune to illness and stress while I treat my sore back or neck (areas I tend to hold stress!). I recently had an acute injury in my hip, caused by a twisted pelvis, and the first night I tried the topical Pain Relief spray along with the Joint Formula curcumin capsules (with some SierraSil mineral included) was the first night I was able to sleep through and sit up out of the bed without major pain. I’ve stayed on their curcumin 2x a day and the pain is dissipating with each day. Since I hate taking over the counter pain killers this has been a super life saver! Plus the spray smells all nice and minty like a breath of much needed crisp fresh air.

So I’m a SierraSil convert and I’m excited about getting my mum on the Joint Formula14 (all minerals) for her osteo-arthritis next. Stay tuned for the results! She is very active with walks and senior fit classes so I’m looking forward to getting her this support.

Stay strong, adventurous, vibrant and healthy, whatever your age!