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Foods to Eat Before and After Exercising

Foods to eat before and after exercising

Foods to Eat Before and After Exercising

Can you exercise off a bad diet? Simply put, no. What you eat before and after exercising has an impact on your energy levels, weight and overall well-being. Eating the proper foods prior to your workout will maximize your performance and provide energy to complete your routine, whereas as post workout meals are important to restore energy, rebuild muscle and tissue that breaks down during exercise. So what foods should one eat before and after a workout? To maximize your post workout results, it is recommended to eat a complete meal containing carbs, protein and fat 2-3 hours before your exercise. However, if you work out in the morning and can’t allow yourself a complete meal, opt for easy-to-digest carbohydrates and some protein 30-45 minutes prior. Your muscles use glucose from carbs for fuel so foods such as oatmeal or banana and peanut butter are digested fast and provide quick energy.

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Foods to eat prior to exercising

  • Granola bar
  • Piece of fruit (e.g. banana)
  • Oatmeal
  • Greek yogurt
  • Dried fruits
  • Crackers or piece of toast with almond butter
Post workout meals should include both carbohydrates and protein, and should be consumed up to an hour after your workout to help restore energy and rebuild muscle and tissue.

Foods to eat after exercising

  • Omelet and with avocado and whole grain bread
  • Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables
  • Tuna salad on a whole grain bread
  • Protein smoothie
Whether you want to lose weight or increase your stamina, nutrition is a major component. Choose foods that positively fuel your body so you can begin to see your desired results. And if soreness has delayed your workouts, try incorporating SierraSil Joint Formula14 in your health regime. A double blind placebo controlled cross over sport study showed SierraSil is safe to use for athletes and resulted in improved performance and reduced the level of delayed onset muscle soreness post-exercise.