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Bill Bazaluk - Vancouver, BC

I tried your product at a friend's urging. I bought it Wednesday and had 5 pills that night. On Friday morning, I noticed that my knee ache had eased. That was Friday July 13. It's now July 25 and I have no aches from my arthritic knees. This is the first relief I have had in two years. One of my baseball buddies also tried it at the same time. He was having aches in his hip which had been replaced some years earlier. He called me and told me his aches had disappeared. Your product is fantastic and I tell anyone that will listen about it. Thank you very much as it is great to be free from discomfort.

Erin Davis, North Saanich BC

I know I'm a product spokesperson and I truly DO take SierraSil, as do my husband and dog, but I had to share with you a very recent experience that just proves why I love these capsules so. On July 13 we dusted off our bicycles for the first time this season and went for a long ride along roads and trails on a perfect summer day. When I checked Google later, I saw we'd done 30 km - the greatest distance I've ever travelled on a bike - and was dumbfounded. I expected to pay for it the next day, SierraSil or not! Well, what a delight to find that on Saturday and even Sunday there was not a hint of pain or stiffness. I can only thank SierraSil for this - we take them religiously daily - and once again, I'm SO proud to be a spokesperson for this company for its integrity, the quality of its products and, yes, their fine taste in spokesfolks! LOL Sincere thanks again, SierraSil

Linda Charron - Binscarth, MB

I am 70-years-young! I have been a Sierrasil Joint Formula 14 user for probably 12+ years and a true believer of this product!! BUT, this weekend “took the cake”. I have not curled since high school (some 54 years or so ago). I decided to curl in our Binscarth and District Lions Bompeil as we were hosting this event. I curled a total of 3 games (8 ends per game) I thought “Oh lord – what is in store for the next day?”

“Low” & “Behold” I felt great –yes, GREAT. I can only contribute my mobility to this fantastic product, SierraSil Joint Formula 14. I will continue to use this product ‘till I’m pushing up the daisies and have recommended SierraSil to numerous people.

Thank you for helping people like us and making life easier and more enjoyable.