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R. Lucas*

Several years ago I was helping my son with building a shop. This meant upand down on a ladder then down on my hands and knees. After two days of thismy knees were so sore I could hardly walk. I was listening to Shell Busey onthe radio and he talked how SierraSil made all the difference with his kneesand elbows. I was sceptical but bought some SierraSil ( in the purplebottles) and after two weeks the soreness in my knees was gone. I have beentaking SierraSil ever since and no knee or elbow issues. Works great.

Spooky (the Dog) - Calgary, AB*

Dear Sirs:

My name is Spooky. I am an 85-pound dog who loves to run like the wind and play outside, rain or shine. When I was approaching my 9th birthday, I was starting to get a little stiff in the joints, evidenced by my hesitation to get up from a lying-down position. I was also starting to take my time going up and down stairs, and thinking twice about jumping into the car. Good ol’ joint discomfort had started to slow me down.

My owner took notice of these changes in me and she heard about SierraSil on the radio. She decided to get some for me to see if it might help. First she tried to give me the capsules on an empty stomach, without food, as per the directions on the label. Forget about it. I don’t like to swallow pills. When that failed, she tried emptying the contents into some water or broth but I refused to drink it. As a last resort, she began “hiding” a capsule in with my evening meal. I could live with that. And although it is best to take it without food, I am definitely reaping benefits nonetheless. Within a week, I felt better! No more achy joints!

I will be 12 this year and I’m still going strong with no joint discomfort or stiffness whatsoever! SierraSil has worked wonders for me these past three years.

Sincerely yours,