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Scott Bailey*

I have bad hips and have known they needed to be replaced since 1993. My doctor told me that I should live with them as long as possible as I was too young to have replacements. Recently the aches were beginning to be unbearable like a dull tooth ache. I had been waking up around 10 times per night because of the discomfort. I made an appointment with my doctor. to start the ball rolling on replacements. I had nothing to lose so I tried SierraSil Active. I only took 1 capsule each morning as I am not a big pill taker. Two days later, I had no aches and I was sleeping through the night. I cancelled my doctor appointment and after a month I am still feeling good with no aches. I have recommended it to some of my friends with the same outcome. Thank you for a good night sleep with no discomfort or aches