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Faith Runs a Marathon

Run, Faith, run! A SierraSilian takes on the Mississauga marathon

Every now and again you meet someone who defies ageing and serves as an inspiration to everyone around them just by the way they live life. Even rarer is getting to work side-by-side every day with a super masters athlete who ups the energy of the office staff half her age. Meet Faith! Faith Runs a MarathonA Vancouver, BC, native, Faith is a member of the CPA’s of Canada and came to SierraSil late in her career to take over as controller in 2013. If the way she runs our books is any indication of how she trains, you can be sure that no training run goes uncompleted and every target is met. Faith loves her work and is often the first one in the office and the last one out, making sure that not only all of our accounts are in order but that she’s had a chance to check in with everyone in the office and spread her joy around. 42km of pure determination When Faith isn’t working full time at SierraSil or volunteering on the board of Tri-BC, she’s running and cross-training in preparation for her next big race, this time the Mississauga marathon. But this won’t be her first marathon, no siree, Faith is on a mission to complete all the major marathons in the world! Already checked off of her bucket list are the Paris Marathon as pictured here crossing the finish line, the Berlin Marathon and hopefully soon, if all goes well in Mississauga, Faith will be qualified and have earned the prestige of being able to race in Boston next year. For some, completing one marathon may seem like a crazy idea, so what motivates Faith? When asked, with a big smile and without hesitation, she pays homage to her 2 grandkids who she hopes to inspire to get out and be active. Faith’s athletic pursuits have had some genetic impact - her daughter has completed 7 Ironman competitions, so it’s only natural to assume the next generation will take to athletics like a house on fire as well when they’re a bit older. Keeping her training interesting is something that Faith swears by to get her fitness to where it needs to be. There’s Tuesday night sushi runs, Wednesday mid-day group gym workouts, fun runs with her best friend Julie who’s 13 years her junior, spin classes twice per week and then Sunday’s long run which she usually tackles on her own, and these days, are anywhere from 20 to 30km. We’re all so proud of you Faith! If her passion and determination are any bit contagious, we’re all the better for it. All of us at SierraSil are in awe of all you do Faith and wish you a fun and successful race in Mississauga. And as you say, no matter how it goes, it will be a PB (personal best) in your new age category, so we’ll be celebrating with you when you get back. Oh yeah, did we mention Faith turned 70 this year?! To hear from Faith in her own words what it takes to run marathons watch her video log here. If you want to learn more about the joint health supplement helping Faith and tens of thousands of other Canadians live life pain free, visit