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Rosemary - Torrence, CA*

When I first found out about SierraSil it was from a friend in Chicago whose husband was having some of the same problems that I was having, so I looked you up on the internet.

I have joint discomfort in my body but not debilitating just very painful. I had recently developed Tendonitis in my hand and wrist that was so painful that I couldn’t even pick up a coffee cup. I had started on a product (NCD – Natural Cellular Defense) that takes the heavy metals and toxins out of the body along with cleaning the cells receptor sites.

Everyone has a great deal of Heavy Metals and Toxins in their body and especially if you have had radiation and surgeries which I had due to breast cancer. This product cleans the cells and makes them more bio-available to accept the good nutrition that you put in the body.

I had tried SierraSil without much response and almost gave up, but after I started using the NCD…well WOW…what a response I got from SierraSil. I don't have the discomfort and the swollen lumps on my wrist have gone down 80%...this is wonderful…I am not only picking up a cup of coffee but actually doing all the other tasks I could not do.

SierraSil is a wonderful product.