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Ricardo S. - Vancouver, BC*

I am 34 years old trying to have an active lifestyle. I usually practice Crossfit and play squash several times a week and I can see now SierraSil is making a huge difference in my life. Before using SierraSil, I was sore and stiff almost every day specially in the mornings (morning stiffness).I remember once it took me a couple of minutes just to get up from my bed and walking to the shower. I have to confess that it was not a very pleasant sensation. After taking SierraSil, I noticed that I am not as sore as before and my recovery time between games or training is less. When I'm playing tournaments I try to double the dosages and it makes a difference the next day!

Taking SierraSil is part of my daily routine and I highly recommend for people who wants to keep active life style and worries about next day soreness.