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Mary Wilton*

Pet Chews were recommended to me by my local Nutter’s store as a good alternative to help my 10 + year old Golden Retriever, Billy. Billy had been becoming increasingly impacted by hip joint aches and immobility. He had started having difficulty getting up from a laying or sitting position.

We started him on the chews right away noticing that after a few days, he seemed to be moving with more ease and was more active. We knew he was feeling much better the day he tried chasing 3 rabbits!

I called SierraSil as I had wanted to purchase more chews but they didn’t seem to be available. I was relieved to hear the Pet Chews were being reformulated and will soon be available. After seeing the remarkable change in our beloved family pet, I want to able to keep him active. The Pet Chews are a great supplement to his diet resulting in a much-improved quality of life.