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Marty Krauss*

In 2014, Winnie, our 9 year old black lab, was playing with our grandchildren in the back yard when I noticed she was favoring one of her back legs. I figured the kids had really got her going and maybe tired her old body out. She was still favoring it the next day. I had heard on the radio that someone had given SierraSil to their dog. So since I had SierraSil myself and it did wonders for me, I thought I would give it a try. The trying was to convince Winnie to take the pills. I tried mixing it in her food, that didn’t work. Bananas seem to work the best but the odd time, she felt the pill in her mouth and spit it out. After a couple of weeks, you could tell she was feeling much better and getting back to her old (young) self again. It was good to see.

In late fall of 2015, now 10 years old, she was again playing with the grandkids, but this time she slipped on some plywood I had used to cover the carpet on the deck for winter and injured her knee. We took her to the vet with our concern and were told she would need an operation but would be better to see what she would be like in 8 weeks with minimal activities. The vet prescribed some joint medicine that of course was very expensive and I explained to them about the SierraSil joint formula I had given to her before, that in my opinion was very helpful. We took Winnie home and immediately went on the net to see if there was a formula for dogs. To my surprise there was “SierraSil Pet Chews” tablets form and tasty, so no problem in getting her to take them. What a relief! Well as it turned out 10 weeks later she was back to herself. Maybe at some point she will still need that operation but for now she is back as usual playing with the kids. We now have her on a maintenance program of SierraSil Pet Chews to help with her aging joints. Winnie and I both thank SierraSil in enjoying her life to the fullest.