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Trusting Heights, Thriving with SierraSil: A Gratitude Journey

Trusting Heights, Thriving with SierraSil: A Gratitude Journey

It seems ironic, as someone scared of heights, that my favourite ride at the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks is the big "Incredicoaster" rollercoaster. My heights phobia is no secret.  My family knows it all too well as I warn them to stay away from ledges such as on the Chief near Squamish, BC. Even my colleagues at work have a little fun with it, playing up my fears on the occasional social media post!

So why no fear on the Incredicoaster? Well, maybe not 'no fear' as I was a little nervous as we snaked through the maze that is the cue for the ride. And then, as the roller coaster cars suddenly accelerate in under 5 seconds to about 90 km/hour for the first ascent, yes I'm tense. But as the ride peaks and rapidly descends over 100 feet (30 metres), twisting to the right, the g-forces tugging, it feels pretty good. No, it feels great!

So what gives? Fear of heights, yet the roller coaster thrills.  It comes down to trust. Trust in the engineers who designed the ride with deep canting to centre the g-forces. To the unseen well trained maintenance crews. And the operators who are mindful of guest safety.

Everyday, my life is made easier and safer by people I don't see. People who make things work, who build or maintain infrastructure including transportation, water and sewers, energy, and buildings.

There are a lot of those people involved in the making of a health supplement whether SierraSil® or other products. I'm thinking of the people and technology (engineers) who support quality control at the contract manufacturers that we work with and our own Quality Control team led by Caroline Eve. To all of them, I say thank you! I should add that there are also extensive written procedures, check lists, product testing and auditing that are part of the processes.

I reflected on this as I flew from Vancouver to Toronto, along with hundreds of other people on a crowded Boeing 777. It's amazing that so many things in our modern world go right, even if they are delayed as my flight was.

At SierraSil®, it's nice to know that our minerals make a difference for a lot of Trades people, helping them do their jobs, often in awkward spaces under counters or other obstacles.  SierraSil also makes a difference for flight crews, as a medical doctor for an airline told me, SierraSil gives pilots "happy knees."

So, with Labour Day not too far in the rearview mirror, I just want to say thank you to all those people, "seen" or "unseen," who make our modern way of life possible. And to all those who serve us, even at odd times of the day, with medical, emergency, and civilian services.

Thank you.