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Norm Lesage Superstar

The 2013 Kamloops BC Senior Games

Sport and recreation development for seniors has a direct bearing on the quality of life for older British Columbians and for the province as a whole. Activity of both mind and body has a beneficial effect on the health and well being of older adults. Nobody knows this better than Norm Lesage. This year approximately 4,000 active British Columbian seniors will demonstrate their health and fitness and descend on to Kamloops to take part in the 2013 BC Seniors Games - a four day event from August 20th to 24th. The athletes, many of whom must qualify to compete, will participate in one of 25 sports ranging from archery to equestrian, to cycling to dragon boat racing. The BC Seniors Games offers empowerment through the physical, social and creative achievement of participation in friendly competition. It is also a chance for the public to get together and celebrate the seniors, their families and the community. One such senior with a zest for life and bounce in his step is Norm Lesage from Burnaby. Norm is 83 years old and shows no signs of slowing down, he absolutely loves ‘his’ event, the 100-meter sprint and has been training hard for the upcoming Games. Norm ran his first race at the ripe young age of 68 and can run the 100 meters in an amazing 15.6 seconds. Ranked No. 6 in the world for the 100-meter sprint in the 80 to 84 age group, Norm is a senior superstar! After such an event there are methods that every athlete takes to reduce the impending stiffness and soreness, and this is even more important for seniors who often suffer from joint stiffness. Norm has been taking a unique natural mineral supplement sourced from the Sierra Mountains in the USA called SierraSil – he attributes his activity and success in part to starting this supplement as part of his recovery plan over a year ago. * Norm Lesage is a spokesperson for SierraSil. SierraSil is the official supplier to the Vancouver Canucks and it is also a favorite of many professional athletes and Olympians. For Media Enquiries, an interview with Norm, or more information on SierraSil please contact Genevieve Taylor or Melanie Trepanier at or 604-676-4450.