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From Trade Shows to Poetry: A Month of Adventure and Inspiration

From Trade Shows to Poetry: A Month of Adventure and Inspiration

Two trade shows book ending a trip to Mexico City (and writing my first poem in decades while in San Miguel de Allende). That was March for me!

For our recent 60th birthdays, Lesley and I celebrated with our first trip to Mexico City and on the advice of friends that we work-out with, a side trip to iconic San Miguel de Allende. We had a fantastic time, enjoying public art, architecture and museums that exceeded our expectations. We knew the food was going to be good, as Mexico City (known as CDMX) is home to many truly fine restaurants and the hospitality was warm and gracious. I might add that we felt entirely safe where-ever we went, even strolling the streets after dark.

So why the poem? I've been reading The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan. One of my personal goals for 2023 was for more time to be still, for meditation, reflection or listening. So when I came across this book in February, I felt compelled to pick it up. Then one afternoon while reading in Parque Juarez reflecting on a chapter just read, I wrote a poem to capture the moment. Proud of my work, I messaged it to my youngest son and he commended it as good - high praise from a very good writer! 

As I reflect on the two trade shows, one just attended briefly (ExpoWest) and the other as an exhibitor (CHFA Now) it struck me how many great SierraSil® testimonials I heard. We are genuinely making a difference in people's lives, living our business purpose to help people be healthier and more active naturally. As we put it, we exist to help people with mild to moderate aches and soreness recover joy and ability. Here are a few examples from the trade shows:

  • A person from the "Beaches" area of Toronto, who told me that his shoulder had been bad for 7 months but last night, after starting on SierraSil, he was able to sleep on it with reduced pain, excited to keep going to feel the full results.
  • Salima Hussein of Simply Health in Edmonton who told us that SierraSil was the best product for her clients sore joints (see video)
  • A writer of several Vitamin and Herb books who shared that for him, SierraSil Joint Formula14™ was more effective for an injured shoulder than “everything else I’ve tried combined”
  • Brandon S who I spoke with after the ExpoWest tradeshow who was surprised by how quickly and significantly effective SierraSil was for reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Obviously we can't guarantee everyone will have such an incredible experience. But we do guarantee satisfaction or your money back and we have placebo controlled clinical studies with results consistent with these testimonials. Please consider who in your life would benefit from reduced aches or soreness?  Kindly invite them to give our products a try or connect with us, if they are out-of-town for you, letting us know you'd like to gift SierraSil® and we will handle the arrangements. March was a good month for me. Let us help make the next month a good one for someone you care for.

Finally an invitation for the poets among you. Post a poem to Instagram referencing SierraSil including an appropriate hashtag (such as #SierraSil and or #jointhealth) and we will select a winner for a 3 month supply of your favourite SierraSil product!